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3 Psychs and a Mic

Dec 31, 2021

It’s already the end of 2021! The “New Year, New Me!” mentality can have you out here making premature jumps before you actually ready. We’ve all done it, but don’t get caught up this year. If you’re spending parts of today setting goals and thinking about how you want to walk into the new year, listen to this episode first!

On this special New Year’s Eve episode, the 3 Psychs chat all about premature jumps that can be disguised as ambition and hustle. They also give success pointers on ways to ensure you look before you make any big leaps. If you are hoping to make 2022 a year of intentional growth, take some time to look and prepare BEFORE you leap!

2022, here we come…Momma, we made it!  Happy New Year’s Eve! Be well and leap intentionally!

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