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3 Psychs and a Mic

Jun 8, 2021

Ever had a vision for how you wanted to live your life but held yourself back from taking the leap because of internal limits that you have placed on yourself? Yes? Us too! We are often so trapped in the lives that we believe we are ‘supposed to have’ that we never leap into the lives we deserve!

On this week’s episode, April and Shari sit down with a good friend Deidre Burch (@blacktopoland) of writer and creator of BlacktoPoland Blog! On this show, they discuss living a life based on our own rules. Deidre chats about her decision to leave nursing and move to Poland for love and adventure. She talks about the importance of chasing your dreams, seizing the day, and leaping into your life!

The media minute is filled with fun chat about catching flights during the pandemic, bonnet etiquette, and the correct word pronunciations!

For more information on our Guest Co-host find Deidre on her website at: She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram!

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