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3 Psychs and a Mic

Sep 21, 2021

Have you ever been shamed for being selfish or have you worried about how others would perceive you if you decided to make a decision that solely benefitted your own wellbeing? too!

On this episode, the 3 Psychs sit down with Dr. Marcuetta Sims (@drmarcuettasims), a licensed psychologist and the owner of The Worth, Wisdom, and Wellness Center (@worthwisdomwellness). The women offer a different perspective on being selfish. Dr. Sims shares her views on how being "selfish" has a pretty bad reputation, one that suggests that you are self-centered, mean, and a "bad" Christian if you prioritize yourself, your needs, and your wants.  She shares her personal and professional experience on how being “self-ish” is actually the way we are able to show up for others in an authentic way. This dynamic dialogue focuses on ways to pour into yourself and how this can be beneficial for the culture and community. The women open up about how they have learned asking for help is a form of self-care and that considerate selfishness can be self-preservation! 

The media minute reflects on fond memories of homecomings past and dives into Chloe Baily and her new video “Have Mercy”!

For more information on our Guest Co-host find Dr. Marcuetta on her website at: She can also be found on Youtube (The Art of Being Selfish) and Instagram!

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