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3 Psychs and a Mic

Apr 20, 2021

While 1 Psych is away the other 2 will play! With Erica on maternity leave, April and Shari will be inviting guest co-hosts to the mic for some fun and conversation!

On this week’s episode, April and Shari sit down with James Patrick the Fitness Guru and owner of James Patrick Fitness and Wellness Studio (@jamespatrickfitnessandwellness) in Columbia, SC. Listen in as they chat about all things physical fitness and mental health. The trio dive into the interplay between mental and physical health and chat about ways they have used physical fitness routines to maintain their mental fitness and health.

This week’s media minute covers dialogue about DMX and how the death of celebrities can play a role in our personal lives.

For more information on our Guest Co-host find James on his website at: He can also be found on Facebook and Instagram!

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