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3 Psychs and a Mic

Nov 17, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says "Do your work"?  Well, if you'd like to see a real life example check out Mike Tyson...YES, Mike Tyson!

On this week's episode, the 3 Psychs are joined by Dr. Napoleon Wells  (Insta ID: urbrotheriam) and they dive headfirst into the Hotboxin with Mike Tyson Podcast episode with Boosie! The 4 psychs chat about non-conventional modes of therapy for Black Men and the importance of identifying who you are in order to feel capable to become the best version of yourself.  If you haven't listened to the episode, check it out and listen to our thoughts on it!

This week's question of the week is all about guilty pleasures! What are yours?  

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